About Us

Golconda Capital Management LLC is a Texas-registered investment adviser based in Dallas, TX. William Summit is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Golconda. Mr. Summitt oversees all investment activity for the firm.

Golconda's emphasis is on fundamental research that seeks to estimate the intrinsic value of a business based on the company's operating performance. We seek to identify companies that are trading in the market at a discount to our intrinsic value estimate. We do not perform any technical analysis nor do we seek to time the market.

Although we are not activist investors, we have engaged in shareholder activism efforts in the past. We only pursue activist measures when we believe that there is significant value that is not being realized due to decisions that are being made by incumbent directors and management and we believe that we have a high probability of success.

Golconda is opportunistic in its investment approach. We do not seek to be fully invested at all times. If we are not able to identify enough opportunities to fully populate our portfolio, we will hold cash. Golconda is market-cap agnostic. We will invest in any size company that meets our value criteria. However, our better ideas have historically come in small and micro-cap companies.

Golconda has as a goal to deliver returns that are in excess of the total stock market as measured over a multi-year time horizon. We do not manage the portfolio for short term results. We do short stocks when we feel that there is a wide disparity between market value and intrinsic value, but we are not a traditional long/short fund. A significant majority of our non-cash portfolio has been and will continue to be long positions. Our preferred market index for comparison is the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index.

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